Better Together -  PMI Champlain Valley Chapter launches its BA Initiative! 

Recognizing there are significant synergies between analysts and project managers, PMICV is opening its doors for local analysts to join our robust community of PM’s and benefit from all the resources and opportunities it has to offer.

Analysts, PMs wearing multiple heats, project team members, and anyone interested in learning more about the profession - all are welcome.  If you want to enhance your networking and learning opportunities and invest in your career,  we hope you will consider joining PMICV.  With a  monthly speakers series covering topics catering to both PM’s AND BA’s, annual symposiums, special events, and access to all of PMI’s professional development materials including BA certification information, let PMICV be a resource for you.

Stay tuned for the invite to our very first event later this year!

Got an idea for a speaker, or want to learn about a specific topic? Email